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many girls seem to be magnetically attracted to horses

Let’s Ride.

Horses change us. Let me show you how growing your confidence and know-how to better manage your horse, stable management, and riding can open new possibilities in the show ring, trail, and at home with your horse.

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training a horse to lay down on command

The Confidence to Thrive

Whether you’re new to horses and learning for the first time or an experienced horse owner ready to take on a new adventure like raising a young horse, has something for you. Learn more about:

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how to help a mane grow and stay thick using pasture braids

Braiding a Horse Mane to Make it Grow Longer

Braiding Manes for Hair Growth Outside of the slight blood flow stimulation during grooming, braiding manes probably doesn’t make a significant difference in how fast hair grows, but what braiding…

Ultimate guide to using, cleaning, storing, and caring for winter horse blankets

How to Wash Horse Blankets

At the end of a long winter, horse blankets can be so dirty they look unsalvagable. In fact, you may be tempted to toss your blankets out rather than trying…

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