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All About Curly Horses

Curly horses are really very low maintenance, requiring very few special bits of care to keep them healthy and well-groomed. In this category, I collect some of my ideas for helping you take the best care of your curly horse, including grooming tips, dealing with a double mane on your horse, and more.

Bashkir Curly Foundation Studs + Historical Artifacts

In today’s post, I will be sharing some historical photographs of curly horses, which may be of interest to breeders, historians, and enthusiasts of this unique breed. For most of the breed’s modern history, curly horses were not appreciated or enjoyed. Before their unique traits were intentionally bred for, and their hypoallergenic traits were discovered, many of these horses …

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How to hold double reins when riding with a pelham bit

Caring for Curly Horse Manes

Like curly horse body coats, curly horse manes come in many different variations. In this article, I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss the types of curly horse manes and best practices for caring for them. Much of the look of a mane comes down to genetics, however good grooming practices and a …

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Palomino Bashkir Curly Horses

  Bashkir Curly Horses – Also known as American Curly Horses or just “Curly Horses- are a breed of horse that originated in the Americas but may have its origins in the Spanish horses brought over by conquistadors in the 16th century. Some sources state that curly horses, as exceptionally rare even then, may have …

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