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Let’s Fiesta Resin – Bashkir Curly Model Horse by Kathleen Moody

These images show Kathleen Moody’s curly horse resin model horse “Let’s Fiesta”.

These pictures were taken when I purchased the unpainted resin model new in about 2008. I have since sold this model but noticed that there are not very many pictures of this resin model horse online, and even fewer of it in its unpainted state. I think these photos of an unpainted model of let’s fiesta really highlight the gorgeous texture of the coat and the mane on this curly horse model horse.

Bashkir Curly Sculpture Model horse

. Image description: model horse shown in midstride of a moderate Canter gait. The horse is unpainted in a muted tan color. Mane and tail are flowing in movement and the horse’s coat is representative of the coat style of the American curly horse / Bashkir Curly horse breed.

I love that Kathleen Moody created a model of this rare and unique horse breed. And the breed traits are captured so well. I purchased this model because the particular confirmation – the heavy Spanish style neck and the thick jowls- closely resembled the confirmation of my own curly horse gelding. I intended to have it painted to match but never got around to it – which is just as well, as I have downsized several times since then and being able to part with this unpainted model horse was easier than if I had commissioned an artist to do a custom resin paint job personalizing it to my horse’s coloring.

Headshot of the Bashkir Curly model horse sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Headshot of the Bashkir Curly model horse sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Since this purchase, I have  started doing art with resin myself- not creating model horses but working in the media in various forms- and this has helped me respect how intricate the detailing of this resin model horse is.

Resin Bashkir Curly Sculpture



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