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STOLEN: Longhorn-Simco Vintage Western Saddle


On Thursday, July 17 2008 this saddle was stolen, along with a bumper pull horse trailer, from a parking lot of the Kentucky Horse Park. This saddle had immense sentimental value and, since the years that have passed when it was stolen have failed to turn up a similar saddle made by longhorn in the same era, we believe it may have been a one a kind saddle.

If you have seen this saddle, please report to KY Horse Park Police at (859)-509-1450 or report via email while remaining anonymous, by visiting an anonymous public email server. Emails may be addressed to

2022 update: This stolen Western saddle has not been recovered, although it is very likely still being used, listed as a used saddle for sale, or perhaps stored in a barn near you. If you spot this stolen tack on a trail ride, at a tack sale, or in a shop carrying used horse saddles, contact us, or contact the Kentucky Horse Park police (a department of the Kentucky State patrol) directly. Buying, selling, and using tack you know to be stolen is a crime in many states including Kentucky. While our stolen horse trailer is likely scrap metal by now, it is very likely that this stolen western horse saddle is still in use and could still be recovered and returned to its legal owner.

For more information on protecting your horse trailer, saddles, or other valuable tack from theft, read more in our guide about what to do to prevent tack and trailer theft. (or, what to do if your horse trailer or horse tack are stolen to improve your chances of  property recovery)

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