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What do Bot Eggs Look Like on a Horse

Bot eggs may appear like small yellow specks on your horse’s coat. Bot flies, the cause of these spots, usually lay their eggs on the inside of a horse’s legs, but the small yellow specks that are bot eggs can show up anywhere on a horse’s body.

Typically, bot eggs are laid in clusters, as shown, but may be more spread out and evenly distributed on the legs, body, or even face.

The botfly reproduces by laying eggs on horse legs and waiting for the horse to ingest them when the horse rubs its face on their legs

Once you know how to recognize them, it’s a good idea to remove them if you see the eggs on your horse. Although bot eggs can cause health problems, you should not be alarmed if your horse presents with them- controlling bot eggs is a normal part of horsekeeping and grooming.

The best tool to remove bot eggs are blade-protected horse-safe razors. If a Horse Shave razor is not available, a pumice or lava-like grooming stone or a specially made knife (meant for removing bot eggs from horse fur) also will work. Even if you diligently clean bot eggs off the horse’s body you should deworm your horse with a full spectrum wormer regularly to kill any bot eggs that your horse may have accidentally ingested.

How to identify and deal with bot eggs on horses

The photo above shows what bot eggs look like on a typical horse. Bot eggs stand out and are easy to spot on dark colored horses and on the legs of this chestnut mare. If you have a light colored horse such as a grey, palomino, or a horse with high leg markings, you will need to be more diligent about checking for bot eggs during regular grooming- since they may blend in to the color of your horse’s coat and not be obvious at first glance.

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